Our Top 5 Crocoblock Plugin Features

Jet Plugins are key elements to consider when building a website. If you want to maximise its efficiency, then it is important to identify how to use them effectively and how they will help you specifically.

Here are our Top 5 Jet Plugins and their features. Most of these are available to purchase through Crocoblock as they are optimised to work with WordPress and Elementor, but there may be other similar alternatives out there.


Jet Engine

A JetEngine element will allow you to have custom post types and listings. Essentially, this lets you create widgets, customise the layout and showcase the services you want in the way that you desire without the need to have any programming experience.


The widgets added take dynamic content from posts and lets you display it on pages in Elementor. It can also be used to create forms and other such sections where data is required. These posts/pages can link to each other in a few different ways with JetEngine, whether that’s through a custom options page or by interrelating to provide the information the user wants instantly.  



Allowing more control over posts as well as when and where they can be shown. Taxonomies provide an array of ways to not only organise your website content, but also make it more visible in the online space.

Usually the only way to visually organise website content is in the form of tags and categories, but taxonomies allow you to organise them in other ways that wouldn’t be possible without them. You can create different types of pages and alter the settings to suit your needs with their visibility options and more.


JetElements Widget Choices

The Widget Choices provided in JetElements allows for a wide selection of options when organising your content and displaying it. Carousels, sliders and more can be utilised with this plugin, alongside coding for elements such as testimonial sections. JetElements has over 40 different widget choices allowing for greater flexibility when designing a website.


When you are designing multiple websites as a business like we do, you don’t want them to all feel and look exactly the same. This is where Elements is extremely helpful with its range of options for a whole host of different tasks.



Tricks is mostly a visual tool, with this Jet Plugin being utilised for image placement. It provides a wide range of customisable widgets with which you can design your website to look unique while maintaining its functionality.


You can animate particular sections, columns and assets using the satellite, hotspots and widget editors to add to an immersive website experience. Images and many other widgets can be embedded with a variety of functions that add flair to your wordpress website.




Again in the name, JetTabs creates easy-to-implement tabs to navigate about your site with. With plenty of choices and the ability to edit blocks, tabs and more with images and presets, Tabs allows you to create an immersive navigating and viewing experience for your website user.


One example of this is their classic Accordion setup which aids in clearly organising all types of content.

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