Laing Media partners with Ecologi

At Laing Media we are committed to being an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly company. 

We already have many strategies in place to reduce our carbon footprint, from reducing thousands of miles a year of commuting emissions by encouraging remote working, to designing fast, efficient websites which require less computing power and data and therefore less energy to load.

But we want to go further. We are taking a huge step forward in our mission to do more for the environment by partnering with Ecologi to plant 50 trees every month, sequestering 110 tonnes of CO2 every year. 

Our partnership with Ecologi will directly contribute funding towards climate positive carbon reduction projects, such as their recent reforestation project in Mozambique.

In these projects, Ecologi’s reforestation partner hires local people to grow, plant, and guard to maturity the trees planted through community funding on a massive scale. As well as restoring forest ecosystems, Their “Employ to Plant” methodology results in multiple positive socioeconomic and environmental impacts.

We are dedicated to being a Climate Positive Workforce which means working together to reduce emissions in our personal and professional lives and offsetting our entire team’s carbon footprints by planting trees through Ecologi.

While we may be a small company, we can still make a big impact. We are proud to do our part to help reverse climate change and you can too! Head to to get started. 

Collectively, we can make a difference.

Stewart Laing, 

Managing Director

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