Speed up Your WordPress Websites


It’s all well and good designing a nice looking website with cool graphics and features, but if the website doesn’t run smoothly then user experience can suffer.However, there are a couple of steps you can take to maximise the speed of your wordpress website. Let’s get into them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkZoY4Ssyy0 Image OptimisationOne of the most engaging features of […]

Our Top 5 Website Building Tools

At Laing Media we design and build websites on a daily basis to the highest quality standard. However, we can’t do this by ourselves, we need a bit of help from our friend “technology”. Here are our top five tools we use when going through the process of building a website.https://youtu.be/BG0V3n7x-0YSlack Now, you may be […]