Blackhaus Developments

Initially, we only helped Blackhaus Developments by creating some logos and branding for them. However, months later, they returned to us requiring support in producing a website and setting up social media. We designed their website and consulted them about their social media leaving them very pleased with our work, as evident in the glowing reviews they have since left for us online.


We began working with Welltek in 2019 and supported them with a number of our services. We created photo and video content for them, visualising the positives of their business which focuses on the health and wellbeing of office workers. Their internal software also benefited from our technology consultations.

We have since produced a new website design and build alongside them showcasing the variety of products and services they offer.

Sicario Records

Sicario Records is a UK Based Music Management company that required a new website and logo created. We designed a modern look that matched the companies vision and it is now a fantastic platform to discover artists.

They have space to grow and are planning on launching entertainment shows in the near future. For their homepage they wanted a memorable animated icon which we created and implemented into their site.

Nurd PC

Nurd PC required the ability to allow its customers to build their own custom PC from a long list of components. We implemented a fully functioning configurator that allows for custom order to be placed. Alongside the configurator we created a modern clean design for their site and their company continues to see an increase in business.

Vickie Khan Yoga

Vickie Khan Yoga, a client who we were referred to by another client, needed help with branding and producing a website for her business. As part of the website, we arranged a custom booking system which allowed her clients to book in-person and online yoga sessions.

Johnny Martin

A client who approached us having seen the work that we do, Johnny Martin required support in branding, designing of his logo and his website, which we developed. Our graphic design services also came in handy as we produced artwork for his album, EP and single covers.

Primrose Hill Collective

Web design, graphics and logo design are all services we provided to function band Primrose Hill Collective. Alongside partners Never Ever Media, we also produced a promotional video for the band to showcase their talents in performing at events, which you can see below.


BOND Bali, a luxury property rental company based in Bali, needed help designing their website as well as their logos. Utilising the powerful imagery of “Bali’s best kept secret” this was exactly what we produced.

Hepworth Brewery

To appeal to beer lovers everywhere, we helped Hepworth Brewery show-off their award-winning set up in Sussex. We offered our assistance in the form of photography and social media, while also hosting their website.

FL Construction

By delivering Fl Construction London all of our available services, they elected to go with our full digital marketing package. With a full website design, graphic design, logos and branding, alongside a marketing strategy in tandem with social media, FL Construction are now in the process of truly becoming a presence in the online world. Photography and video content is also in the work as well as assets such as business cards with the new branding.